Life is Full of Surprises

So I had to get a new vehicle, and it was imperative that I get it before my next shift at work. I work 12 hour shifts, and travel 1 hour each way. I spent my 2 days off dealing with a broken down vehicle. My first day I spent waiting for, and traveling with the tow truck.

The second day of (my days off), I spent filling out paper work for a new (actually used) vehicle.
Part of the paperwork required me to list my present residency and park manager. So I proceeded to give them my address, and gave them my manager’s name, Mr. Womack.

Mr. Womack was very kind and courteous, and gave them the information that they needed. He gave this information to them in a timely and professional manner. In doing so, he was instrumental in helping me orchestrate the acquisition of my new car.

Ty Mr. Dwain Womack

Another Family Has Moved Out

I do not know any details, but the other day another family moved out of High Cliff Estates and they took their mobile home with them. So yet another empty lot here at High Cliff Estates thanks to good old “you know who.”


I am not sure how to manage a trailer park, but is running people out, and having them not pay any more lot rent good for the bottom line? Not to mention legal fees? I wonder????

That is my opinion, I welcome yours. Please feel free to email me @

I also wonder if people he is trying to throw out are invited to this little “shindig” Highcliff Picnic0001

hmmmm maybe I should show…………..

P.S. He is going to go look to see if I defiled the sign as well shhhhhhh…..don’t tell.


So how many more times does this have to happen until someone wakes up? I wonder…..

Yep, Mowed My Lawn

So after a 12 hour day/night of working, I mowed my lawn.
Here is my mowed lawn:

Additionally, I would like to mention again, that I have a 1 hour commute each way…..long day, and got 3 more days of it. UGH, at least the lawn is mowed.

General Information on MHPI, and Prairie State Legal Services

For anyone needing to know this information, this is High Cliff Estates Corporate office:

MHPI, Inc.
3000 S. Scott Street
Des Plaines, IL 60018

847.824.9270 Office
847.824.4856 Fax

Contact: Justin Pounder

For Legal Services (on a sliding scale) please contact:

Prairie State Legal Services
Rock Island Office
1705 Second Avenue, Suite 314
Rock Island, IL 61201

Telephone: (309) 794-1328 and (800) 322-9804
FAX: (309) 794-0265 TDD: (309) 793-1302

Additionally, here is the renter’s handbook: Renters Handboook2009

Equal Treatment and a “Sense of Community”

I would like to state for the record that High Cliff Estates as a community, is a nice place to live. The people are very nice, the children well behaved, and mostly very quiet and peaceful. My neighbors are very nice, and I feel that it is a safe place to live for me and my family.

My biggest point of contention is the management, and the “targeting” of certain individuals, by said management.

I pay my lot rent (on time), mow my lawn once a week (sometimes twice), and give NO reason for police to visit my place. My family and I just want to live here, live our life peacefully, and go more than 2 weeks without a posting on our door. I do not need this kind of stress in my life.

All I want is to be left alone. I do not want to cause any trouble, for myself or the community. If I am doing something wrong, let me correct it, and I will not let it happen again.

There can (and should be) a sense of community here, and an enjoyable place to live.

I work 12 hour nights, and travel 1 hour each way to work. I have additional independent projects that I work on, and have a hard time finding time to work on those. My family and I are just asking for “Equal Treatment” for all community members, and to be left alone to live how we want to.

Dwain “The Pain” at it AGAIN!

Last night (July 16th 2013) at about 8:15 pm I got a visit from my FAVORITE visitor* (*note sarcasm)! I was outside BBQ’ing on my grill, and had a fire going in my fire pit. I was told that a fire needs to be in a fire pit (duh, it was which I pointed out) and covered. The cover was sitting right beside it. I was then subsequently told that if I did not put it out, the fire department would be called, and I would be fined. I responded to this by saying “Can I BBQ or are you going to call the Fire Department on me for that too!” To which he responded “I am not talking to you!” Hmmm…..thought you just were? I then proceeded to go get a bucket of water to extinguish the fire.

So I cannot have a fire in a pit like this:GE DIGITAL CAMERA but others can have bonfires with no repercussions, go figure.

Then, a perfectly reasonable police officer came over to talk to me. She asked me to put out the fire, and then stated “Well I see you already are.” She also stated that I was burning cabinet doors (which I was) and that that sent harmful fumes into the air due to the varnish. I agreed, got a couple more buckets of water, and extinguished the fire. As a side note, no I am not angry or upset with the police officer doing her job. She was reasonable, rational, and saw that I was being cooperative. I think this is what torqued Dwain off the most.

So now, to the present day. We got a knock on our door (my in-laws were visiting at the time) about 11:00 AM. Lissa answered, It was Dwain (surprise, surprise). He stated “Here is a letter for you.” Quit_and_Vacate!0001

We then contacted our lawyer, Justin, and as Lissa was reading this letter he said: “Yep, I know that letter, it is not a legal document, so don’t worry about it.” So we are not.

I would be really nice if Mr. Dwain Womack had better things to do, then to harass me and my wife, but alas, he does not. I will keep you posted……

A Drive By Compliment

Today Wednesday July 3, 2013 (at about 4:30 pm) Dwain was apparently doing his “rounds.” He had his “cronies” in the back of the green truck. He went around making “nice” with everyone, including complimenting me on my repair job on the skirting while I was painting the roof. Additionally, he gave me advice about patching up small holes with white Duck Tape (yep, way ahead of you dude, got 2 rolls the other day). As additional information, Duck tape is the name brand for a utilitarian tape used for duct work, i.e. duct tape.

My neighbor and I discussed this complete change in personally, and mutually agreed, that we would wait for the “other shoe to fall.” We will see what happens.

How can someone one week, trying to basically kick me out, to compliment me on my repair job that he required I do? Diabolical to say the least……..

We will see what the future holds here at High Cliff Estates in Milan, IL.